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Credit Coaching

Life happens.

If you find your financial situation hanging by a thread, credit coaching can be a step to more stability.

What You Need to Know...

Prior to becoming a mortgage agent, I was an advisor for one of the big banks.  I believe in a holistic approach to delivering advice and that includes both sides of the balance sheet.  I will work with you to create strategies to put you back on track.

If your credit history has hit some bumps in the road, it may impact your ability to get a mortgage.  Typically, lenders offer better rates and products to those with higher credit scores.  We will work together to put you in a more favourable position.


Debt consolidation is a great option to pay off higher interest bearing items (credit cards, loans, lines of credit); and allowing for a single monthly payment rather than many.  Credit cards are the most expensive way to carry debt.  By consolidating your balances into your mortgage at a much lower rate, you will increase your cash flow, and in turn your credit score!

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