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Getting Your Yard Ready

Spring is just around the corner and I have a few great tips to help you get your yard ready for the coming season!

  1. Clean Up Your Yard: Remove any branches or other debris that has piled up over the winter months and then rake out dead grass and old leaves to help your lawn start fresh. If you have an air blower, that will make the task even easier!

  2. Apply Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent and Weed Killer: To help your lawn shine this spring, now is a good time to start tending to your yard. Using a combination of fertilizer to feed your grass, in addition to herbicide now and again in 6-8 weeks, will help your lawn sprout up!

  3. Mow Early and Often: If you want to avoid stunting your lawn growth, you will want to mow your lawn every five days for the first 6 weeks of spring to ensure a thicker, fuller yard!

  4. Trim the Trees: Trees that are left unattended can cause damage and potential injury from falling, dead branches. Consider hiring a professional to do a prune every three years to prevent decay and damage.

  5. Avoid Seeding Until Fall: If you have brown patches in your yard, it might be tempting to fill them with grass seed. However, if you’re following these suggestions and applying pre-emergent or weed killer, the seeds won’t germinate. But don’t fret! If you simply fertilize the lawn, shoots will grow and fill in the brown spots within a few weeks.

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