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Thinking of Moving? Tips for Selling in Today's Market

The housing market continues to favor sellers as we move into the summer months. If you’re thinking of selling, this is a great time to do so! Not only will your home likely be listed on the market for a shorter period of time, but most sellers are currently receiving multiple offers on their sale. This is due to the increasingly high demand for housing with limited homes currently available on the market.

However, even in a seller’s market, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances of selling your home and getting the best offer! Here are some tips for selling your home in a seller’s market:

List Your Home on a Friday

Depending on the location, Friday is typically the best day of the week to put your home up for sale. Most individuals have weekends free or can take Friday's off early should they be interested in a home for sale! Be sure to include multiple photos of the home in your listing, or even a virtual tour video if possible, to get your listing off on the right foot.

Offer Limiting Showings

Another good strategy for maximizing your offers in a seller's market is to limit your showings. Restricting the hours and days that you show your home will allow you to have multiple buyers touring at the same time, which tends to create quiet competition as the buyers know other individuals are interested.

Lower the Sale Price

While not always necessary, lowering the sale price can make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. If you get multiple buyers interested, it will leave some wiggle room for buyers to bid over the asking price.

Make the Most of a Bidding War

If you do end up with a bidding war on your home, you will want to make the most of it. Firstly, always inform buyers of the competition and encourage stronger offers. Secondly, respond to one offer with a counteroffer and set the others aside until you get a response. Thirdly, accept the best offer.

However! Keep in mind that the highest offer might not always be the best one. Some things to keep an eye out for that are conducive of a 'strong' offer include: a cash offer, a large down payment, few to no conditions and a flexible moving date.

If you’re looking to sell this year, make sure you utilize a top realtor who can help you navigate the current market settings so that you get the most out of your home! And don’t forget to reach out to your mortgage professional for all the information around moving and how that affects your mortgage.


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