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Why Budget

Budgeting is a strategy and a habit that allows you to create a spending plan, usually on a monthly basis. This plan allows you to ensure you always have money for the things you need; and those you want! A budget can provide financial security and peace of mind when you may otherwise feel things are out of control.

Here are some reasons that may help you decide to put a budget into action:

  • It helps you ensure you’re not spending money you don’t actually have

  • It helps you to fund a lifestyle you desire in retirement

  • It helps you be prepared for the unexpected emergencies

  • It helps identify poor spending habits

  • It helps you stay focused on what is important

  • It can improve your quality of sleep!

Another point to consider is that having a budget can help you determine whether you’re ready to purchase a home! If any of these reasons speak to you and you’re ready to get to work creating your own budget, here’s a great resource to help get you started; and I’m only a phone call or email away when you’re ready to sit down and go over it together.


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