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Winterizing Your Home

With the changing of the seasons, it can be a good time to take stock of your home and ensure you are ready for the colder weather.

To help you feel more comfortable, save on bills and prevent future repair costs, there are some simple things you can do to prepare for the coming season.

Tending to minor problems yourself, or booking a professional now, will save you time and aggravation later when poor weather makes it harder to tackle home maintenance jobs.

  • Service Your Heat Source: Before Winter starts, be sure to have a professional check and clean your heat sources. You should have your chimney cleaned out if using wood heat or make sure to update your oil heater’s filters and service gas furnaces regularly.

  • Check Your Pipes: Checking pipe joints for leaks that could cause rot and damage will save you trouble in the future. Repair any cracks you find, especially those around electrical outlets and alarm system lines. You can also consider foam pipe insulation, which is fairly easy to install and could help prevent energy loss and potential water damage from frozen pipes.

  • Mind the Gaps: Search exterior window frames, doors and siding for cracks and gaps where water could get in. Doors and windows commonly have gaps that let cold in and heat out. Some will be easy to fill or fix yourself but could save you money and damage down the line!

  • Insulation is Key! On a snowy day go outside and look at your roof; you should see snow on the roof. If you can see your roof that means the attic is not insulated well and heat is escaping and melting the snow. If this is the case, you will want to have it repaired and packed to ensure you are not losing excess heat during the winter months.

  • Create a Storm Kit: A storm kit is a handy source of essential items in the event of losing power. Consider what you and your family might need, such as a flashlight with new batteries, candles, matches, a portable radio, water and snacks. Keep your kit somewhere easy to access!


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